Cute Elopement Ideas For Your Ceremony

Cute Elopement Ideas For Your Ceremony

So you have decided to tie the knot in the most romantic way possible: a beautiful destination elopement! Yet, even after you have decided on where you will hold your elopement and what kind of ceremony you are going to have, it still feels like there is something missing.

The following cute elopement ideas might be able to help you put the finishing touches on your plans so that your ceremony comes out just right. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to help make everything come together.

A ceremony in nature?

You might already be planning your elopement and thinking about the venue where everything will go down, but have you considered taking the whole ceremony outside?

When it comes to elopements, holding ceremonies outside is not all that uncommon. With fewer guests to worry about and more focus on the romantic side of things, holding everything in nature just kind of fits.

This can be an amazing elopement idea if you are a fan of the whimsical. You can let your imagination run wild and create a wedding theme that utilizes organic elements to create a fantastical atmosphere. Depending on the locale that you select, you could try boho style clothing, a traditional handfasting ritual, flowery arches and wreathes, and rustic wood elements to help foster an atmosphere of natural serenity and abundance.

While you want to be mindful of the time of the year that you are getting eloped, which could determine your comfort level in regards to an outdoor ceremony, this is one elopement idea you certainly want to give some thought toward. Holding your ceremony outside gives you an incredible amount of freedom with decorations and overall theme, and in many cases is quite cheap to pull off as well.

Celebrate your union with a dance?

Who made up the rule that the couple has to kiss to seal the deal? Why not kick off your marriage with a romantic dance instead?

This cute elopement idea certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone, because let’s face it, not all of us would make it on Dancing With The Stars! Keeping that in mind, and depending on your level of comfort and skill, sealing your vows with a dance might be a beautiful means of expressing your love and completing your union.

You’re not limited here as to which kind of dance you could incorporate, either. This works especially well if you were planning on forgoing the traditional dance to kick off your reception (since elopements don’t always include them), and if your elopement was going to be on the smaller side.

Alternatively, you could think about having a private “sweetheart dance” at the end of your after-party or ceremony, that you could use as a photo opportunity or as simply a special way of finishing your elopement.

How about a barefoot wedding?

Taking the nature ceremony one step further, have you considered having your ceremony barefoot? It is thought that touching our bare feet to the Earth helps stabilize and ground our energy, by way of negative ions. People who regularly do this report feeling calmer and more at peace with themselves. Plus there is simply something raw and beautiful about it that we don’t often get to do after childhood.

You could incorporate a practice like this into your elopement to truly have a wild, natural style ceremony. This is especially true if you were to have your ceremony on a beach or similar venue. Keep in mind, you should dress for the occasion – when you get eloped, there’s no reason you have to be dressed to the nines. Focus on comfort, fun, and romance and you will never go wrong.

What are the perks of having a “barefoot wedding?” The main draw is that it may help break down some barriers, relieve stress, and make you feel more open and free. If you want your ceremony to have an air of childlike whimsy and fun integrated into it, this might be the practice for you!

Just the Two of Us?

Have you heard of a “just us” ceremony? It’s when you get eloped without really inviting any guests. While you may still consider having some kind of party or celebration after the fact, your ceremony will include just you and your significant other.

What are the benefits to this? Well, in terms of cost, romance, and freedom, a just us elopement ceremony is one of the best decisions you can make. You don’t have any obligations to meet the needs of other people, and you can be perfectly yourselves. If you and your partner are private people or have a goofy side that you want to express during your elopement, this could be the option for you.

Plus, not everything is for everybody! The best part about having an elopement is that you can get married on your terms, without outside interference or issues from third parties. If you simply want to a romantic way to tie the knot in style.

Did you enjoy these ceremony ideas? We have a ton of other elopement resources here that can help you put together the ceremony of your dreams. There’s no reason why you can’t make your ceremony uniquely yours!