Small weddings have grown in popularity quite a bit over the last few years, especially in light of the COVID pandemic. While these kinds of ceremonies may run somewhat counter to tradition, they do provide a wide range of benefits that couples are starting to take note of.

Are micro-weddings just a trend or are they here to stay? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we’re probably going to be seeing more of these kinds of ceremonies regardless of how long COVID decides to stick around.

It should be noted that these kinds of ceremonies aren’t for everyone. While the benefits are many and quite appealing (as you will see in a bit!) there are a few elements that get sacrificed in the process. For example, if you have a large family and it was always your dream to have a huge wedding with tons of guests in a lavish wedding hall, this kind of ceremony won’t appeal to you.

A micro-wedding typically has 50 or fewer guests, and sometimes far less than this. For couples looking forward to inviting their whole extended family, this may not be the option for you.

Another reason why these kinds of small ceremonies may not appeal to some couples is because they are typically focused on being practical rather than extravagant. There’s nothing that says you have to have a “down to Earth” micro-wedding, but one of the reasons why couples enjoy the idea in the first place is so they don’t have to shell out a ton of money and plan a massive event just to get married.

When you break it down, there aren’t really too many negatives when it comes to holding a small wedding. In fact, when you look closely, you realize that the appeal here is that you get just about all of the benefits of a lovely wedding ceremony, just with fewer hassles. The smaller size makes everything easier to manage, and it also allows for more flexibility, giving couples more control over the actual meat of the event rather than being forced into certain activities due to tradition or family expectations.

If the thought of holding a huge ceremony with your entire family scares you, you’re not alone. Many couples find the idea of traditional wedding ceremonies daunting to say the least. The good news is that you certainly don’t have to settle for the same old style of wedding when these days, it’s almost expected that you select a non-traditional format.
First of all, who wants to risk a big gathering at the moment anyway? Sure, you could wait a year or two and see if this COVID thing blows over, but do you really want to push your wedding back that far? And for that matter, even once things die down a bit, the thought of having a massive gathering is still somewhat unsettling.

Smaller-sized events are far easier to manage, plan for, and pay for. Couples love micro weddings because they are so easy to arrange compared to the large traditional ones. In fact, a true micro-style wedding isn’t all that different from an elopement. You can select a beautiful or sentimental destination, book your stay at a hotel of your choosing, pick your flight, and you’re already well on your way.

With the help of a dedicated small wedding planner, all the work will be taken from your hands, allowing you to relax and have fun. The idea behind a smaller wedding ceremony is that they focus more on the excitement and romance rather than the ceremonial trappings and family expectations.

Another key benefit of hosting a smaller wedding is the affordability. Typical weddings are downright pricey, and in all honestly, many couples feel pressured into spending money they either don’t have, or would prefer to spend elsewhere, such as on a down payment for a house or on a new car. Even if family members chip in, who has twenty or thirty thousand dollars to throw away on balloons and cake right now?

For less money, you can have a more exciting and intimate kind of wedding ceremony instead. This is why micro-weddings are taking off, especially these days with all of the social distancing restrictions and precautions. It’s simply the smarter move for so many reasons, which means they are likely far more than a simple trend.

How to Plan a Micro Wedding

Want to get started with planning your dream micro-wedding? There’s a few points you should consider first before you get started.

First, discuss it with your family. Even if you and your significant other are completely in sync and on board, that doesn’t mean your families will understand completely at first. This especially applies if you know you won’t be inviting very many people and would prefer to have an elopement-style micro-wedding.

The best course of action is to be completely upfront and open about your decision. The idea of smaller-sized weddings is still a little taboo for some people, and they may be quick to downplay your choice, despite COVID and your intentions. While you should remain firm in your choice, be understanding as well, because you want the process of planning your wedding to go as smoothly as possible.

This kind of philosophy is one of the key reasons why smaller weddings are so popular now. It’s all about reducing stress and bringing the romance back into weddings in general. Forget the stress, aggravation, and distractions. Your special day (and the days leading up to it!) should be about you starting your new life with someone you love, not a hundred little stressors. Reduce your stress whenever possible, which means simplify, don’t go overboard with spending, keep your guest-list short, and above all else, have fun!

Once you inform your family of your intentions, it’s time to pick a location. You could certainly have your wedding close by, but many couples choose to have their micro weddings in more exotic and exciting locations. Despite the current COVID restrictions, there are still a world of options open to you. Think about what you want to get out of your ceremony and the kinds of events you want to have, whether the ceremony will be outdoors or indoors (outdoors is the wave right now!) and what your budget is like.

After knowing where you plan on holding your ceremony, your next step should be to hire a local wedding or elopement planner that can help guide you and be your “eyes and ears on the ground.” This can be especially helpful if you aren’t entirely familiar with the destination you have selected and need help with wedding venues, restaurants, catering, hair-styling, event-planning, or anything else. They can also help you plan a budget or provide helpful elopement packages that include hotel pricing and other amenities.

If you are currently looking for a planner to help you with your micro-wedding or elopement in the Gulf Coast Region specifically, you will definitely want to check out these Micro Wedding Packages. Planning a small wedding ceremony is incredibly easy with a professional touch!

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