When it comes to wedding ceremonies, there is certainly no one right way to have one. They come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. In recent years, however, more intimate kinds of ceremonies have been rapidly gaining in popularity, one of which is the micro wedding.

What exactly is a micro wedding? Technically, it’s defined as a typical wedding ceremony involving less than a few dozen guests. They are known for being more intimate, more affordable, and more casual than your average wedding.

This is important, because while many couples would prefer to have a more intimate and affordable experience, they may not specifically prefer to elope, which is the most popular way of going about it.

Rather, couples can choose to “elope in place,” or have a much smaller, casual format wedding without traveling to an exotic destination or incorporating honeymoon elements into the ceremony itself.

Benefits of a Micro Wedding

There are numerous benefits to having a micro wedding. Perhaps the most important one is that it is far easier and more affordable to “personalize” a small wedding than a larger one. You have far more leeway with venues, menus, and other factors besides. You have more freedom to do what you want because you don’t have to accommodate 100 people and coordinate everything around them.

In fact, a micro wedding is great for couples who don’t really want to go over the top with their wedding proceedings and would much prefer a smaller, humbler kind of event that focuses more on the romance and being able to connect with your guests rather than trying to wow them with how much money is being spent. A micro wedding has the power to make everyone feel closer and more connected to the ceremony itself.

Of course, another huge benefit is simply the money you will save. So much of the cost of weddings is eaten up by having to cater to so many guests. This means seating for them, table decorations, a longer ceremony in general, and a ton more food. The costs for these kinds of things can add up pretty quickly.

Smaller weddings do away with much of these problems by limiting the guest count considerably. This opens up an array of possibilities, such as a smaller, more affordable venue, as well as a much easier time in customizing the menu. Because of the overall casual nature of a micro wedding in general, it’s also much more likely that you’re not going to be ordering crazy expensive food or decorations in the first place.

A micro wedding is about the union itself, the intimacy, the romance.

Which brings me to the next point, these kinds of ceremonies tend to stress free. They are easier to plan for, there’s far less chance of family drama, they aren’t breaking the bank, and overall they are far less nerve wracking for the bride and groom to be.

One of the reasons why so many couples are choosing alternative forms of wedding ceremonies is due in part because of the stress factor. It seems anymore we can’t escape stress, it’s everywhere. The last place you want it is in the planning of your wedding ceremony, or even worse, the day of.

Micro weddings by and large are much more casual, which means less headaches and stress for everyone involved.

Is a Micro Wedding Right For You?

The main concern here is that you are comfortable with your choice. If are fine with only inviting a couple dozen guests and you are looking forward to a ceremony at a smaller venue, then this might be the choice for you.

The main concerns usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Am I OK with the idea of only inviting close friends and family?
  • Will there be any backlash from family I don’t invite?
  • Is there any pressure on me to have a huge wedding?

Notice how these points don’t concern the bride and groom at all. It’s usually outside influence that plays a huge role in the nature of our wedding ceremonies. That’s something that should change, and you can see this sentiment more and more as couples everywhere are choosing to have weddings that fit their needs rather than the needs of others.

How To Start Planning for Your Micro Wedding

If you already have a theme and a possible venue picked out, that’s great!
However, many couples who are just learning about micro weddings don’t really know where to start or how to go about planning one.

If that’s the case, you should sit down with your significant other and plan some of the details. Where would you like to have the ceremony? Do you want the theme to be closer to a traditional wedding style or something more exotic or unorthodox? Just how many people will you be inviting?

It’s so much easier to plan for a small wedding than a larger one, once you get into the details. If you still need more information about how to plan for your micro wedding, please refer to this amazing resource for micro wedding plans.

Reach out to us for more information and to start planning your perfect Micro Wedding today!